Highcharts is a great javascript framework to build all kinds of interactive data visualizations. You can see some examples below, or visit navigateobscurity.com to see more visualisations in context.

Biocapacity & impact of consumption on Earth

Full visualization in context: navigateobscurity.com/data/sustainability

*Source: Global Footprint Network. National Footprint Accounts, 2018 Edition. Downloaded 25/11/2018.

Global causes of death

Full visualization in context: navigateobscurity.com/data/death

*Source: The Global Health Data Exchange. Downloaded 19/10/2019.

Global migration flow

Full visualization in context: navigateobscurity.com/data/migration

*Source: United Nations. Downloaded  02/02/2019.


Sigma is a javascript framework that specializes in creating interactive visualisations of network graphs. It works great on its own, or in combination with other network visualisation tools like Gephi.

Full visualization in context: navigateobscurity.com/notes/head-strong


Tableau really shines as a desktop application as it can be used for quick data explorations and visualizations. But with a small sacrifice on performance it can also be used to embed data visualizations on the web. See some examples below.

*Source: United Nations. Downloaded 02/02/2019